Building, equipping and edifying the body for the work of the Ministry



5FGPNW is birthed out of the inspirational work of the Holy Spirit. As the name implies, it is a fold of men and women, churches and ministries endowed with the grace of PARTNERING with  God in the Five fold ministry and the mission of bringing the gospel of Christ to the whole world.  No one man or group, gifts and abilities notwithstanding, can be able to achieve this enormous task, hence the need to promote the network and internetwork of gospel preachers for co-operative activities and mutual support in the delivery and spread of the gospel and the preparation of the saints for the return of the Lord Jesus.

Networking for Seminars, Conferences, Crusades, Revivals, Workshops, organizing Concerts and partnership throughout the continents of the world.

We cannot be stopped as a unified body and with the mind of building and serving we can match any prevailing challenge until the purpose of God is fulfilled in every individual life. Our collective effort in Christ is the secrete to all true success in Ministry . As individual members of the body we need each other to succeed.

To encourage, raise and facilitate the propagation of the gospel of God through the five- fold gift of Christ to the church and to promote networking through exposure and partnership with like minded individuals, groups, churches and Ministries world-wide.

  • Running of specific trainings workshops and seminars in different fields for the benefits of our members or their affiliate.
  • Organize/sponsor and hold crusaders, revivals, conferences for and on behalf of members.
  • Help failing, weak ministries and business men to rise and be more active to the body of Christ and the area of their individual callings.
  • Assist ad help members in publishing their books, waxing of music and production of films etc.
  • Help ministers to attend international conferences out of their nations and continent
  • Every spiritual empowerment bring along with it physical manifestation and recognitions. So we enhance our members and minister who are deemed qualified with:
    • Bishopric, Apostolic, and ministerial consecrations in different ranks and titles with license and Int’l certifications by our board of Archbishops ad Bishops.
    • Awards of honorary doctorate in different fields by our international schools and colleges in affiliations with theological schools and universities.
    • Assist in building church auditoriums through our fund raising sourcing.
    • Financial assistance in case of severe illness, hospitalization and death cases of ministers.
  • All the above after one full year certified membership and you apply for one of the benefits.
  • Ordinations, doctorate awards invitations to international conferences and workshop, ministers’ licenses and recommendations for any opportunities that may apply to you.

Note: No member make direct request without going through the local board.

  • Must be born again
  • Must be a church minister in the categories of the five-fold-Eph. 4:11,12.
  • A Member is also open to members in the Church that may be recommended by the minister in charge. ( In this case a recommendation letter must be sent to recommend such a member)
  • Must be recommended by two known ministers of reputable status.
  • One recent passport photographs
  • Pay a one-time lifetime registration fee of $15.00 USD or equivalent in the country of residence. (For Nigeria #5500.00 Naira- $1=NGN367)

Note: Your registration comes with the following package

*  Registration form

* Code of conduct/Constitution

* Pinup Sticker

* Nice file pocket Jacket

* Your Name and data’s featured on the website

The 5FGPNW organization derives it sources of income as follows:

  • By voluntary donations from members, grants from foreign organizations, the government, philanthropist, donors, individual sponsors etc.
  • By investment in Forex Readings, Crypto currencies business,stocks and shares from some credible financial institutions as shall be recommended by the board or the organization stock brokers.
  • By establishing and running of factories where products are being mined, milled and processed for marketing.
  • By sourcing for loans from financial institutions for the purpose.
  • By thrifts, savings, registrations of members within home and abroad.
  • By applying for grants through function bodies with like minded vision for the downtrodden, less privileged, old people, neglected of rights of life, education, health and etc.   

To represent the organization in any country the requester must write to the continental president and if there is none in that continent the Executive President should be contacted in that regard through the organization’s website, email, or phone contact.

  • All representatives should send their application letter via email through the website or post office.
  • National President is appointed by the continental president in consultation with the international executive president.
  • The requesting person should be able to raise at least 14 leaders to form a board from different pastors.

This board will be responsible to prepare the conference that will install them.

  1. National president and Vice
  2. General Secretary and Vice
  3. Financial Director
  4. Financial Secretary
  5. Director Welfare and Vice
  6. Academic Director
  7. Director of Mobilization and communication and Vice
  8. Three counselors
  • Sent to the continental president or the international |Executive president the registration fees of a minimum of 30 member (see membership conditions)

Upon approval the continental president or the international executive president will send the 30 pastors the registration ID and individual membership certificates.

The 30 pastor’s names and addresses must be sent for proper administration and accountability.

  • The National Board of 5FGPNW in a nation should be commissioned by the continental president or the international executive president during a conference hosted in that country.

Note: 5fgpnw may send some delegate to oversee and to prepare some of our conference. Everyone who accepts these conditions is eligible to head a 5FGPNW team in his nation.

  6). The country after fulfilling the above conditions will send an invitation letter to the Global Continental President who shall come for the official inauguration of that country chapter.

To stir up the fire of revivals within every believer and the body of Christ at large that will rejuvenate the hitherto dying desire to win the World for Christ, which will compel Gospel missionaries and volunteers to leave their comfort zones and seek to reap more lost souls for the kingdom all over the globe.

  • To source and connect ministers for  international pulpits exchange opportunities.
  • To organize national and international seminars, conferences, workshop and symposium for ministers and Christians
  • Recommendation of ministers and members for ordination, consecration and installment or the likes.
  • To support, train and promote mission/missionaries to reach the unreached zones, towns and village globally.
  • Facilitation of mutual support.
  • International fun raising opportunities for church and personal projects
  • Expose the minister of God to  international  business opportunities  for legitimate businesses to attain financial freedom.
  • To encourage entrepreneurial gestures to the body of Christ whereby using this as an empowerment platform for members.
  • To train ministers, their families and churches in different skills for industrialization making the missionary an asset to his congregation instead of a liability.

We are working   to capture like-minded believers all over the world. We are connecting with organizations, Reputable and Gospel conscious entities, Ministers that share   our common vision and mission.

  • Help to bring to your church programs by men of God with big experience and love for young growing ministers to advance in ministry and life.
  • Help build a bible school grogram and affiliate them to other bible colleges and institutions internationally.
  • Help search theological and secular scholarship to our affiliated ministers as the case may be.
  • Have you and your Church in our international church directory and website.
  • Help you create personal/church website at affordable rate.
  • Introduce you to fund raising platforms in affiliation with our organization to attain and fulfill your ministerial projects.
  • We don’t exact control over the doctrine or dogmas of your church, though we can give our advice or suggestions where it is needed. .
  • We do not promote or encourage disintegration of churches or breakaway by members of 5FGPNW.
  • We don’t discriminate between great and small though we encourage respect among members.
  • We don’t buy land for churches but can assist build on existing land that is without dispute by our fund raising mediums.
  • We do not bar or restricts from belonging to other Christian organizations of their choice.
  • There shall be 5FGPNW Global leadership structure: Continental president and their cabinets.
  • Board of Patrons in different continents.
  • Executive Directors (international) and their cabinets
  • National Directors in each of the country and their cabinets
  • State or Regional Directors and their cabinets
  • Local Government Coordinators or Chair persons and their cabinets.

5FGPNW officially had five active department that function at the zonal, national and international level.

  • Youth 5FGPNW
  • Female
  • Impact school of ministry (ISOM)
  • Church planting/Mission department
  • Council of Bishops Apostles of 5FGPNW
  • Physical exercise department
  • Music, films and Arts Department
  • The Youth group is reserved to young ministers less than 35 years their role is to organize recreation activities like sports competitions concerts, their acronym name is 
  • The female group is a group of ministers’ wifes’ and all the church female leaders. Their role are to come together and see what they can do to support the 5FGPNW vision in any nation and Internationaly.
  • The impact school of ministry is a department in-charge of training. They run bible schools and colleges for training where needed. The acronym of the training department is ISOM
  • The church planting department is responsible to reach the un-reach areas by raising volunteers and send them to our impact school of ministry for training as missionaries before sending them to the field.
  • The 5FGPNW council of Bishops, Apostle’s and prophets are the body that oversees the nomination, consecration, ordinations and licensing of ministers.
  • We believe the bible is the inspired word of God, sufficient and authoritative for all matters of faith, life and godliness.
  • We believe there is one God, eternally existing in three distinct person’s the father, the son and the Holy Spirit.
  • We believe Jesus Christ is fully man and fully God, lived a perfect life, died a substitutionary death on the cross for the sins of the world, was buried and after three days rose from the dead, conquering death and as now seated at the right hand of God.
  • We believe that salvation is by God’s grace, mercy and faith alone through the preaching of the gospel, repentance and the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit.
  • We believe all men are sinners, falling short of the glory of God, and are in need of salvation from sin and it’s consequences.
  • We believe every believer is indwelt by the Holy Spirit and is able and expected to walk in the newness of the spirit by obeying God and growing in Christ likeness.
  • We believe that salvation includes regeneration which produces increasing obedience and transformation into the image of Christ.
  • We believe in the future resurrection of those who are dead in Christ, are saved to eternal life and the unsaved to eternal punishment.
  • We believe in the universal church whereby all true believers are united through faith in Christ according to the truth of God’s word.
  • We believe in the second bodily coming of Jesus Christ to set up a literal kingdom on earth which will last one thousand years and will be followed by the eternal state and the new heavens and earth.
  • We believe in giving of alms, offerings and tithes as an obligation and freewill services and total yieldedness to the will of God.
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