5Foldgpnw President returns from Ebonyi State

Building, equipping and edifying the body for the work of the Ministry

The president of the Five Fold Gospel Preachers Network- Bishop David Anyawara returned from Ebonyi state with joy and full of testimonies of how the brethren in the state responded to the vision. It was a well attended meeting. The picture above shows a cross section of key attendees at the meeting. 

Plans are now underway for the official inauguration of the 5foldgpnw network. 

It is hoped that the regions around the state needing missions work will soon begin to enjoy the ministration of gifted members of the organization as plans are to follow the inauguration to storm the remote areas of the state for missionary operations.

Please let us all continue in prayers for the purpose of God in 5Foldgpnw.

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