The FIVE FOLD GOSPEL PREACHERS NETWORK WORLD WIDE (5FGPNW) is the LORD’s vision  for end time ministry. It promotes  Synergy, Corroboration and co-operation as we look for the next storm of a global gospel revival.

5FGPNW is birthed out of the inspirational work of the Holy Spirit.  It is a fold of men and women, churches and ministries endowed with the grace of PARTNERING with  God in the mission of bringing the gospel of Christ to the whole world through the Five Fold Ministries of the Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastors and Teachers scattered all over the world.It is an enormous task not achievable by any one man, gifts and abilities notwithstanding , hence the need to promote the network and internetwork of gospel preachers for co-operative activities in effective building, equipping and edifying of the body of Christ and delivery of the gospel in a reawakened global missionary work. 

5Fold Community

Five fold community is the place to connect with fellow members of the 5fold gospel preachers network, where you can chat, exchange messages and ask questions and get to know each other well. In the community you are encouraged to link up with persons and group of persons, post messages and share ideas of interest. You can initiate contacts which may translate to eventual invitation. Any such contact or invitation should be done through the Five fold administration for the avoidance of any doubts. Click here and enter to begin interactions.

5Fold Academy

5Fold Academy is the education and training wing of the 5Foldgpnw. It runs a set of programme of study specially designed to position the Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Teacher and Evangelist to realise a very successful ministry.


Post and read Articles

Gospel Articles are the write ups that shows up divine revelations of what God is saying today and clarifies issues of the faith. Post some articles and share what knowledge of God you want others to know. You can both post and or read up articles by you or others in the community.


Donations to support the organization is one way to make your contributions in progressing the vision. Your cheerful gifts of a few dollars will very well help to upset the many items of cost involved in running the organization. From this donations we also build up funds to support gospel projects in other ministries and missionaries engaged in mission works in remote locations. Donate today.

Jesus is Lord

This is your community. Relax and let us interact and progress our travels on this pilgrims way.

A collection of trigger and inspirational  resources  for your next move to missions

Read how realities became the experience of many who have gone before.
Know the truth of Islamic view of the Christians.

Explore New Paradigms for Effective Evangelism

Learn the ever green collection of poems by pilgrims as they pushed for the high mark of divine calls.

Many mission notes and great collections of divine foot prints in history that guides the today missionary/evangelists.


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